PDF’s Found – Ibooks and Mavericks – IOS 7


via PDF's Found – Ibooks and Mavericks – IOS 7.


PDF’s Found – Ibooks and Mavericks – IOS 7

For some reason when Apple unhinged Ibooks from Itunes it put all of my PDF’s in an Unknown folder under Music in Itunes where I could not find it. Here is where I found them although since I store and backup to an external drive your file structure might look a bit different.

Music/Itunes/Itunes Media/Music/Unknown Artist/Unknown Album

That is it. They were all right there! Nothing else I tried led me to a solution and I searched through everything.

Hope this Helps someone out.

Paul Chase Jr

A second Asteroid approaching. At 2:25 p.m. EST (19:25 UTC Friday, Feb.15th)

Here are links I have found concerning the record setting flyby that will happen at 2:25 p.m. EST (19:25 UTC) on Friday, Feb. 15th, That is today at the time I am writing this.  Here are links:

This one puts a lot of different info together:





The Brew “When Darkness Comes” Amazing Song – Great Video!

I can’t say enough about how well this video is done. I’ve watched tons of music videos for bands that just don’t connect with the song they recorded. Not this one. Great song and an amazing production. The do some really unique things in this video, like playing an old dusty piano, and in full HD you can smell the dust in the air when the piano is played. Another thing that’s great about this video, if you know the band, is this is who they are. Well done to all involved. I wish this band much success.

Christopher Paul Stelling, O’Death, and Brown Bird

Here are a few great acoustic artists I found in my journeys today while looking for places to play and people to play with.

Christopher Paul Stelling





Brown Bird



Hope you enjoyed their music!!


Paul Chase Jr

A List Of “Made In Maine” Acoustic Guitar Makers

Of course being a Maine based acoustic guitar player I wanted to see what my options were for purchasing a “Made in Maine” acoustic guitar. Here is a list of “Made in Maine” acoustic guitar makers. Enjoy!!

WR Custom Guitars in Wilton, Maine.   – They have base models starting @ $1000 if you thought you couldn’t afford a hand built acoustic guitar. Think again. 

Bourgeois Guitars in Lewiston, Maine    

I have no video for these guys. Check out there website!   WolfSong Guitars in Stowe, Maine 

John Solbod is a Maine Native living in Massachusetts. Visit Circa Guitars

Silverlight5 – Netflx Fix for mac!!!

Silverlight5 – Netflx Fix for mac!!!

Go to the link and follow the thread down a bit. This is how you get rid of Silverlight 5 on your mac. Then you can reinstall a fresh version and start watching Netflix again.